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Spiritual Life Coaching by Email.
Discover the Real You.

**John is not taking any new coaching clients at this time**

  • Is something vital missing in your experience of life?
  • Is something keeping you in mediocrity or pain?

Invite John Robson to be your spiritual life coach. Connecting with you by email, John’s soul coaching and philosophical counseling is powerful, effective and affordable.

  • Discover how new perspectives will bring you new meaning!
  • Discover how past wounds and patterns make sense in the bigger picture of life.

There is hope…

  • Do you despair of ever feeling truly fulfilled by life?
  • Do you long for meaning, purpose, love, service and contribution yet are clueless about how to realize them?

Welcome to the soul’s journey — our life mystery to be resolved.

Today, most aware people over 35 years of age are experiencing some form of spiritual crisis. And this is a good thing because our pain drives us to higher consciousness.

Humanity’s consciousness is growing. We are being called to consciously live more soulfully. Yet, most of us have no idea of what this means. And unfortunately, many of the counseling and self-help techniques that serve the personality do not work with the soul.

That’s why spiritual life coaching can be a lifesaver!

Our rising consciousness requires new growth tools and processes.

We need new ways:

  • for our positive mental attitude to deal with the very real negatives in our lives.
  • for our lower logical mind to engage with our higher conceptual mind.
  • to perceive and manage tensions so we can understand their purpose and find meaning and resolution.
  • to connect with the impersonal, universal, causative, inclusive and qualitative forces of life that move us into soulful living.
  • to draw out our personality purpose, our soul purpose and our unique contribution to humanity.

How do we live in soul?

Soul lives in connection. We open to spiritual living when we are able to see the bigger picture of how our personality – our ego – exists in relationship to other aspects of life.

Spirit is the fundamental cause of everything that happens in our world. Physical, emotional and mental events are all effects.

And Spirit works through the personality – not beyond it. Spiritual coaching helps us grasp how the personality can intentionally work with spiritual forces to bring more sense and meaning to our lives.

In fact, our personality struggles are the keys that unlock the doorway to higher consciousness and spiritual living.

Why get coached?
Under John’s guidance, you will begin to uncover what is now unconscious within you. We all have fears related to who we are and they directly relate to our degree of unconsciousness. He will support you to understand and heal your wounds, fears and shadows.

He will also help you awaken to your immense potential. You will learn powerful ways to connect with your higher self and to activate your God given potentials.

These are the steps of the spiritual journey — to restore you to wholeness — to discover lost aspects of yourself. As your coach, John will help you identify your paths for soul connection. He will guide you to work through your life lessons, healing old wounds. Doing this, he will assist you to realize your innate potentials of higher mind and heart that exist in your authentic nature.

Important tools John uses are:

  • Life purpose, imagination and developing natural potentials
  • Soul and personality cycles of evolution
  • Meditation and other integration processes
  • Self and soul consciousness raising processes
  • Journal writing exercises
  • Value clarification
  • Soul questions – ones only your soul can answer
  • Intuition, attunement and subjective support

A note from John

**John is not taking any new coaching clients at this time**

My aim in coaching is to support you to create a bigger reality for yourself. With these broader perspectives, you will find clearer purpose and more meaning in your life. And these, in turn, will bring you greater health, freedom and joy.

On the spiritual path, we work in 2 directions at once as they are often related.

  1. We delve deep to bring awareness to our core wounds, our fundamental fears, and our shadows – the parts of our beings that are now unconscious. We must shine the light of understanding and acceptance on our shadows for spiritual growth to occur. So we work on revealing and letting go of old perceptions, past conditioning, unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs.
  2. At the same time, we also work on opening to experience our own spirituality. We will clarify how you identify with the divine and explore how it works through you right now. Experience new ways to connect with your soul and allow its unique expression through you. We will work at the limits of your thinking, the envelope of your comfort
    zone, at the threshold of your fears – this is where breakthrough and transformation occurs.

As we work together you will:

  • get more understanding, motivation, insights and integration.
  • gain mastery over the art of living
  • experience more depth, meaning, purpose and quality of life.

My email coaching process requires much inner work and self honesty. How committed are you to letting go of present dramas, self-sabotage, mediocrity, ego pride and inertia in your life?

Most of us hold too narrow a view of our lives. We do not understand the larger picture of life and how it works through us. That’s where I can help. I am ready to coach those who feel they are ready for a new level of self-realization.

John Robson

How does email coaching work?
John believes e-mail coaching offers many important benefits over the traditional one-on-one coaching situation. Email coaching enables better time usage, deeper thinking, reduced defenses, more integration time, more clarity and self reliance, and larger growth steps more quickly.

To start just answer a few questions and email them to John. John will respond with insights, deeper probing questions, new perspectives and further exercises as required.

For more details see online coaching and how it works.

How to retain John as your spiritual life coach.

**John is not taking any new coaching clients at this time**

Choose from the following 3 options to select the coaching framework that will suit you best:

  1. Preferred is that you become a full member of Higher Awareness with ongoing access to ALL of its 20 programs (a $147 value) and also receive free access to all Smart Question Coaching themes (a value of $48.) and free access to 3 journal writing programs (a $29 value). This gives you life long access to personal and spiritual growth programs to maintain your growth and transformation journey. And also receive 3 months of unlimited email coaching for a total of $600.

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  2. Commit for 3 months of weekly email coaching and save. BONUS – Free access to all Smart Question Coaching themes (a value of $48.) Price – $500

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  3. Month to Month weekly email coaching at $200 per month. BONUS – Free access to all Smart Question Coaching themes (a value of $48.) Price – $200

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Or start with one week of free spiritual life coaching via email with spiritual life coach, John Robson. To register complete the “About Me” form.

We evolve through different levels of awareness and consciousness. Spiritual life coaching guides people through these many, many levels. If you are not yet ready for personal, soul-centered coaching, then try Smart Question Coaching and see how just a few minutes per day can shift your perspectives on life.

John Robson


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